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Apricity Mechanical

Discover Who We Are


Apricity Mechanical is a fully-licensed and insured limited liability company owned by Matthew Shipsky, serving Northeast Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas, including Carbondale, Montrose, Nicholson, Thompson and Tunkhannock.

With over a decade of experience our technicians are trained to handle any issues that could arise. Apricity Mechanical now holds several high-level licenses across many trades, including HVAC, plumbing, appliances, electrical, gas-fitting and many specialized equipment manufacturer certifications. Apricity Mechanical is recognized in the home services community for its expert trouble-shooting and high level of professional service.

Through the years, Matthew noticed that a need for a complete home services company was not being fulfilled, namely for those customers who expect high-quality workmanship, trustworthy technicians, and promises kept. To fill that void the areas first one-stop-shop for skilled labor, Apricity Mechanical, was established in 2018.




We strongly believe that knowledge is power at Apricity Mechanical. When people are trained and educated in the trades, they have the power to make good decisions in the field and for their own career development. At Apricity Mechanical, we aim to develop our technicians into well-rounded service professionals. Our training programs combine classroom education and field experience to give our employees opportunities to master their craft. We work with local trade schools to provide a classroom education about science and technology. While in the field, hands on work with our senior technicians helps develop real world applicable skills. Education in the trades is just as valuable as a wide range of college degrees, if not more valuable. Apricity Mechanical strives to give everyone the opportunity to explore their own potential.


You Are Awesome!

Apricity Mechanical is a one-stop-shop for residential construction. We place a premium on hands-on trade excellence over a wide range of trades and specialties.

We have skilled craftspeople for every trade in-house, so you don’t have to worry about finding and managing outside subcontractors. When you choose Apricity Mechanical for residential construction projects, you can expect consistent quality and service. Most of all, you can expect a project finished on time and on budget.

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