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Apricity, What It Means To Us


When It Matters Most...

Your heating system is the heart of your home, working 24/7 to keep your family warm and comfortable no matter how harsh the winter becomes.


With our years of formal training, practical in the field experience and extensive parts inventory, Apricity Mechanical provides the best quality service that NEPA has to offer.

Apricity Mechanical is the best choice when it comes to heating system repairs and maintenance!

Keeping you warm this winter is in our name, the definition of

Apricity: "The Warmth of The Sun On A Cold Winter Day".

We strive to live up to our name by providing the best service possible to ensure your family stays warm and safe this winter.

Become Proactive

Preventative Maintenance Is The Key To Saving Money

Most emergency service calls are caused by neglecting the yearly maintenance requirements of your heating system.

Every heating system, regardless of fuel source, should be cleaned and evaluated yearly to ensure it is safe and reliable.


Preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in costly emergency repairs.

Not only can having your heating system maintained save you money on future repairs, but it will also save you money on your utility bills by ensuring your equipment is properly adjusted.

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